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Blog Tour: Shadow Town (Maggie Lane Chronicles #1)

Shadow Town (Maggie Lane Chronicles #1)
by Robyn Jones 

By day, nineteen-year-old Maggie Lane is property manager of Pearl Estates, a posh housing community owned by her father and occupied by Shadows. By night, she's a waitress at a local dive. When a girl at her night job disappears, she dives into Scooby mode. She might be able to handle a missing waitress on her own, but when a new Shadow moves in next door and turns her into a blushing, flirting, love-crazed girl, her need for answers unearths nightmares from her past and monsters of the here and now. It's possible her bad attitude might not be enough to carry her through.

Published: January 29, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance


     “Michael,” Branden says as he yanks me by the arm and spins me behind him. “It’s been ages.”
     “Having fun has its drawbacks, so I decided to track you down. When I do, look-see what I find. Seems you're faring better than the rest of us.”
     “Leave, I'll give you that much. I'll let you walk out of here and tell no one I saw you.”
     “Leave? After this? Best kept secret in a millennium.” I have no clue what's going on. I don't think I want to know. Branden has his secrets, everyone does, but I've never pried. How could I? The moment I saw him, he looked at me like I was special.
     “I suggest you fall in line. I can arrange a meeting. Coming here like this is not okay.” In answer, Michael dips his head close to Branden's ear, whispering something I can't decipher, all the while, keeping his eyes locked on mine. There's no longer any playfulness in those Shadow eyes. How did I miss that? I let a Shadow get close enough to flirt with me all night. To top it off, he's not a good guy. How could he be if Branden is having this reaction?
     The standoff ends with Michael sauntering out the front doors. My weird best friend turns to me. “Not smart.” After the day I've had, his words push me over the edge. I don't say another word to him, not on the drive home, not when we arrive, not when he knocks three different times on the bathroom door where I have effectively submerged myself in Lady Gaga and bubbles. Even if I wanted to figure out what's going on with Branden, it breaks my number one rule; never use my powers of investigation to dig up what's none of my business.
     I can find anything. If it's been written somewhere and published or posted online, I can find it. If the person existed at all on the grid at some time, I can find him. That's how I located my grandfather who was supposed to be dead and buried.
     Too bad he wasn't.
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I laugh when people fall down. It's a glitch in my programming, but even my mom has suffered this quirk. I have a BA in Studio Art from the University of Puget Sound. My boys make me laugh every day. I steal pens; I try real hard not to. I collect those free bookmarks at the checkout counter at libraries. I've had more stitches than anyone I know. I love stories; writing them, reading them, watching them. You can email me at

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