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Author Interview: Claire C Riley, Author of Limerence
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We're starting the week of with the theme of Undying Love. So, it is with great pleasure that I share with you Limerence by Claire C Riley. After all, Limerence is the epitome of undying love. You see, Mr Breckt, a vampire, is intensely attracted to Mia, and he wants her to be his forever. But, he is obsessed with her returning those feelings.

When I originally read and reviewed Limerence, I gave it four stars, but since I just simply can't get it out of my head, I think it really is a five-star book. I mean, isn't that the point? To read and fall in love with the story and characters? And to fall so head over heals that something from the book - a feeling, a look - keeps popping into your brain when you're not even consciously thinking of the book? 

I think so. One of the reasons I'm so in love with this book is the title. I think it's incredibly clever how Claire subtly uses a one-word title to bring an extra level of awesome to the book! Seriously, go look it up.

And, like I've admitted before, I’m not normally a fan of romance; however, I was instantly in love with Mia and Ollie, and awestruck by their apparent love for, and dedication to, each other. Then, along comes Mr Breckt, threatening to wreck it all.

Once I started reading Limerence, I couldn't stop. I was in Mia's world - mine didn't exist any longer. I lost sleep so that I could stay up and read just one more chapter. That chapter turned into half a book the first night I picked it up. It was mesmerizing, as if Mr Breckt had some kind of trance on me. 

It is full of tension, suspense, and yes, even a little heartbreak. During an intensely emotional scene, I must have whimpered or made some sort of unhappy noise, because my oldest son put his hand on my shoulder (snapping me back to reality) and asked me what was wrong. When I looked up at him, I couldn't help the sob that escaped and the tears that ran down my cheeks. Fortunately, he understands how emotional I sometimes get when I read. And thank goodness I wasn't reading in public.

I'm not the only fan of Ron Burgundy, am I?
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On a more lively note, I really liked the alternating points of view; it worked so well with this story. It allowed me to really sink my teeth into the characters, and extract the essence of who they truly are. See what I did there?
"They are obviously so taken aback by the feelings that are evident in her voice whilst she sings. Sings to me. She is singing to me, I can feel her yearning for me as she delivers the final chorus."  -Mr Breckt
Claire C Riley is clearly talented, and her ability to weave a captivating story is evident. Want to know more about her, as well as Limerence? Read on.

Interview with Claire C Riley

Thank you for being on the blog today, Claire. First, tell us about your first vampire encounter (book or movie) and how it inspired you to write Limerence.
CR: My mind automatically goes to two things. Bram Stoker's Dracula for book and The Lost Boys for movie. I lived and breathed both of these things when I discovered them. I used to come home from school, put that film on and watch it nearly every day. I was obsessed with Keifer Sutherland at the time to. And the book I used to carry around with me everywhere I went.

TBJ: In Limerence, what was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
CR: This is easy for me. My favourite chapters were actually some of the very first I wrote for it. It was two scenes that came to me before I even had the idea for the story. It’s the scene where Mia and Ollie are singing in the club, then there is the alternate view of the scene from Mr Breckt. I always think that everyone sees things very differently, and I think these scenes show that really well. I also loved writing the hot and sexy scenes too. ha ha

TBJ: Did you do any kind of research before sitting down to write Limerence?
CR: Limerence was never supposed to be published. It was always written just for me,
so there was practically no research at all. I researched the bridge and the Island, to make sure places like that did actually exist though. It was just a story that came to me from a mixture of things like the term Limerence and what it means, and my love of vampires and wanting to take them back to their roots of being dark, scary and sexy.

TBJ: There is an especially emotional scene that made me sob like a child. Fess up. Do
you get emotional when you're writing those types of scenes?

CR: You know in all honesty, I was exhausted after I finished writing Limerence. I mean, completely exhausted. The emotions that I put into it were very draining. I loved some of those characters and well, I did some pretty cruel things to them. Some days I couldn’t even stand to write the next scene because I knew what was going to happen to them, so I had to move on and come back to it. So yes, I do get very emotional. I shock myself sometimes on how cruel I can be. ha ha

TBJ: Without spoiling the plot for the poor souls who haven't read Limerence yet, can you give us a hint as to what Mia is up to in Limerence II?

CR: This is a tough one, because I’m in an awkward place with it right now. The idea is that Mia is living with the Queen and learning how to be this ‘new person’, and the consequences that come with this life. She’s moved far away (to America) from her family and friends and is learning to adapt. The sequel is being built upon learning about the Queen's world and why she and Mr San hate each other so much. It’s difficult in all honesty, because I don’t want to lose who Mia was, but she is practically a new person now. Think of the end scene, she’s arrogant, obnoxious, and dangerous, instead of the sweet, considerate woman she was.

TBJ: How many books do you have planned for this series?
CR: Three, BUT it all depends on how well received number two is. I write each book in the series so that it can finish there, and start a new story with each book.

TBJ: What is your least favorite part of the writing process?
CR: The start. That big scary empty page. It’s also my favourite part though, because the possibilities are endless. I also hate the editing process, but again, it's so good to see it all tightening up and coming together perfectly.

TBJ: When did you first, without hesitation, consider yourself a writer?
CR: I still don’t, haha, but it’s becoming more real every day. When I released Odium. The Dead Saga, it definitely helped. Having two books out made it feel like a job and not just a hobby. I still find it all a bit bizarre if I’m honest though.

TBJ: What technology do you use for writing?
CR: My beat up old laptop. It’s dying on me. Half the keys stick, so I get ‘ddd’ and ‘aaa’ etc. and the letters have worn off the keys so you can’t see what you’re typing properly ha ha, and it’s as slow as hell! I use Microsoft Word to write in.

TBJ: In addition to Odium II, Limerence II, and the myriad short stories, I hear you're also currently working on a horror romance novel titled Chance Encounters. Can you give us any details about it?
CR: Yes. It’s a story which has been poking my brain to write it for a couple of years now. It’s about the decisions that you make in life and how they can change and impact you without you even realising it. Like, what would happen if you took the shortcut through the park, or forgot to set your alarm and got up late, in turn bumping into someone that you would never have met otherwise. Sounds familiar right? Well, in typical me style, it won’t surprise you that it opens with a graphic murder scene; i.e., You know she’s going to die, you just don’t know who the killer is.

I’ve also been writing a bit of an effed’ up romance too. It’s not erotica, but does get quite down and dirty. It’s as yet, untitled, and who knows if I’ll release it, but I’m having a blast writing it, and it makes a nice change from just writing about zombies and vampires all the time. Of course the female lead is bad ass, so that helps.

Claire, thank you so very much for taking the time to be on the blog for this special event. I hope your fans have enjoyed some insight to Limerence
About Claire C Riley
Claire C Riley, is taking horror back to its roots, incorporating an old school style of horror and romance. Sexy and dark. (Think Bram Stokers Dracula,George Romero zombies and old school slasher gore.)

Her works include vampires, zombies, demons, ghosts and anything a little different. However she reads nearly every genre imaginable, believing that you should never stick to your comfort zones. She also likes to write characters which aren't instantly likeable, isn't that like real life?

Claire is a mother to three amazing little girls who hold her heart.  She is an avid book collector and has a great zombie apocalypse plan in place thanks to a questionnaire she asked her readers to fill in for her from her blog.

Claire is currently working on the sequel to Limerence, the sequel to Odium and a crime horror, along with a ton of short stories to be released in anthologies very soon.

She actively encourages reader participation on her blog and author Facebook page, with questionnaires, quizzes, and fan art. So get in touch!

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