Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review - Unnatural Occurrence Part 1 (An Anna Morgan Novella)

I normally ignore the recently deceased. I definitely don’t stare at them openly or watch in awe and horror as the colors of their leftover aura meld into and out of them until they slowly fade away, leaving nothing behind but the slightest wisps of energy to indicate that they ever even existed. The dead can’t tell their side of a story. The living can’t see the dead like I can. 

Of course, I’m not normal. Never have been and never will be. Maybe I could have had a normal childhood. If it weren’t for the accident that killed my dad when I was three, if the very life hadn’t been snatched from my body for over seven minutes before I “came back” … maybe I could have lived a happy and ordinary life. Maybe.

My name is Anna Morgan.

I am legally blind … and yet I can see much more than the average person.

I can see the dead. I can see auras.

I can see that everything is not as it seems.

If that worries you ... it should.

Title: Unnatural Occurrence Part 1 (An Anna Morgan Novella)

Author: Peggy Martinez

Genres: Paranormal

Length: 57 Pages

Publication Date: March 15, 2014
Anna Morgan, who is legally blind in one eye, sees so much more than "ordinary" people. After dying for seven seconds, she was revived with very unusual gifts: seeing wraiths and ghosts, people's auras, and can sense darkness in others. 

After reading the description, I knew this novella had to go to the top of my list. In fact, I liked it so much that I read the entire novella in one sitting.

With a unique story, Peggy Martinez wrote one hell of a novella to whet my appetite. Anna is one of those characters that you instantly care for. Though I couldn't possibly know how she feels, I immediately empathize with her and care about what happens to her. I am very much looking forward to the next Anna Morgan novella. 

However, there were a number of typos that often took me out of the story. Peggy Martinez has such a strong story here, but the pace of the unique plot was repeatedly interrupted by the typos and misspellings. Had many of these typos not been present, I would have easily rated this novella 5 Stars.

Peggy Martinez is a homeschooling mom of one boy and four girls. She has been married to her soul mate, Omar, since January 2000. She enjoys reading, writing, soap making, all things aromatherapy, and Twizzlers- lots of Twizzlers. She dreams of one day owning a small homestead, raising some chickens along with her children, growing a large garden, and eventually taking a dream vacation to Greece. It isn't too far fetched to think you could happen upon her and her husband having a conversation about religion, political conspiracies, a zombie apocalypse, or gangster movies.