Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Dead Mary Rising by King John

Dead Mary Rising
by King Kohn

Published April 20, 2013

Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Zombies

Dead Mary Rising is the first book in the zombie horror series: Dead Mary. In the afterlife, The Angel of Death has been building an army to take over the spirit realm. Mary, Dead Mary, discovers his villainous scheme. She is found out and imprisoned in a zombie corpse doomed to roam the Earth in a walking dead cell. However, Mary awakens and begins to uncover the powers of the undead. Together, the aid of a coven of loyal witches, a powerful medium and a struggling artist, Mary begins her quest to dethrone The Angel of Death bringing chaos and havoc to the land of the living.


My Thoughts
I truly like the concept of this zombie novella. Using a zombie corpse to imprison a spirit is a unique take on the zombie genre. But the novella is filled with rhyming incantations that slows the pace to an undead gait.

I also felt that prior to Mary becoming a prisoner in a walking dead corpse, her conflict with Azrael the Angel of Death was vague and undefined. More details on how Mary discovers Azrael’s scheme to take over the spirit realm would justify him sentencing her to an undead dungeon as well as her rage toward him.

Overall, I like the concept, but the novella lacked background that would have improved it and the pace was much too slow to be thoroughly enjoyed.

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