Friday, January 3, 2014

Review: Limerence by Claire C Riley

by Claire C Riley

Published by Breakwater Harbor Books
March 18, 2013

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

One man’s obsession will destroy her world. 

Mia loves her fiancĂ© Oliver, however after a chance encounter with his new employer Mr Breckt - the mysterious new owner of The Island, her thoughts are constantly consumed with the handsome and powerful stranger. But there is much more to her fixation of him than she realises. 

Mr Breckt is a hundred year old vampire, and he isn't used to being told no.

He could take her at any time, but his ego insists that she wants him of her own freewill. With his obsession spiralling out of control, he finds her body, her mind, and most importantly her blood continuously calling to him, and the more she fights him, the more he wants her. Could his own narcissism be his downfall? 

Mia finds herself at the centre of a struggle that she can’t resist nor understand. Caught between life and death, hope and fear, love and lust. Ultimately, she will have to make a sacrifice that will affect everyone. But no matter what choices are made, Mia could still lose. 

Limerence is a dark story of love, lust, and obsession.


My Thoughts
I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Well, maybe a little. But once I figured out what was happening, I was in too deep.

Though I’m not normally a fan of romance, I was instantly in love with Mia and Ollie, and awestruck by their apparent love for, and dedication to, each other. Once I started reading Limerence, I couldn't stop. It is full of tension, suspense, and yes, even heartbreak.

I really liked the alternating points of view; it worked so well with this story. It allowed me to really sink my teeth into the characters, and extract the essence of who they truly are.

What a great first novel for author Claire C Riley! She is clearly talented, and her ability to weave a captivating story is evident.
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